Bingo USA


For bingo fans in Piedmont, AL and the surrounding area, there's one place to go that has the best games and prizes in the area. It's Bingo USA located in Piedmont, AL and serving the local area including the communities of Anniston, Gadsden, and Cedartown. We're locally owned and operated and very proud to be the best place in the area for bingo. We offer all the features that make us the best and leave our competitors behind. Our facility is large, with 80,000 square feet of entertainment. We have a large parking area, so even if the place gets crowded, there is still plenty of room. We're huge with a seating capacity for 40,000! When you're playing, our great audio and video system will make sure you always know what's going on. The Piedmont Athlete Boosters Club, a non-profit organization sponsors all the games at Bingo USA.

Bingo USA offers a plethora of great regular bingo games including vertical, horizontal, two straight, Double, Layer Cake, and Straight and Four Corners. Everyone enjoys our games. This is proven by the busloads of folks who pull up to our facility on a regular basis. Prizes start at $250 and go all the way up to $100,000 for a special Master Jackpot Coverall! Someone is going to get very lucky, why not you?  

For those planning on making bingo the highlight of a special trip, there are plenty of great accommodations nearby. We offer great fun for adults over the age of 19. No alcohol is allowed to help keep the fun light-hearted and carefree.

If you'd like a great evening, check us out and see what we do. You'll have the time of your life and be counting the minutes until you can come back for more. Come take a look at our regular and special games as well as the huge jackpots we offer. When you're ready, come join us! Happy Bingo!